Driving Safely on Poor Road conditions


Did You Know?

Driving safely on poor road conditions –  Winter weather can present many driving headaches for drivers, slick roadways being one of them. Most skids can be prevented by simply adjusting driving to the conditions and
remembering how to recover if you should come in contact with a slick surface. (more…)

Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard

Cyber Risk Exposure Score Card -In recent years, cyber attacks have emerged as one of the most significant threats facing organizations of all sizes. The Internet and other network operations have created risks that were unheard of less than a decade ago. When cyber attacks (such as data breaches and hacks) occur, they can result in devastating damage, such as business disruptions, revenue loss, legal fees, and forensic analysis and customer or employee notifications. (more…)

A vast amount of information is now stored on computer servers and databases, and it’s growing every day. Because that information has great value, hackers are constantly looking for ways to steal or destroy it. It’s time to pay attention to Cyber Crime. (more…)

Personal Lines Perspectives


Taking Medications Correctly

Both over-the-counter and prescription medications can play an important role in your everyday health. However, they can also delay your treatment or even worsen your symptoms if they aren’t used properly. (more…)

Ontario Approves the Use of Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

News Brief

Ontario Approves the Use of Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

Drivers in Ontario will now be able to provide electronic proof of auto insurance via a mobile device thanks to approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), which occurred on Sept. 5, 2019. (more…)

Home Protection Guide: Flooding

Flooding can be unpredictable, and preparation is key. Don’t get caught unprotected.  Download our Home Protection Guide for flooding here.

Ontario Flood Victims

Our thoughts and well wishes are with all of our clients who are at flood risk and under a state of emergency due to flooding.  The rain has been unforgiving… please stay safe out there.  Our offices are ready for your call.  Contact us if you need any help or information.


Flash floods can occur within minutes of excessive rainfall, a dam or levee failure, or a sudden release of water held by an ice jam. Overland flooding, the most common type of flooding event, typically occurs when waterways, such as rivers or streams, overflow their banks as a result of rainwater or levee breach and cause flooding in surrounding areas. It can also occur when rainfall or snowmelt exceeds the capacity of underground pipes, or the capacity of streets and drains designed to carry floodwater away from urban areas. (more…)

Spring Thaw Flooding

Spring thaws can cause serious flooding damage

It happens every year… here are some tips to prepare your home from flooding.

Heavy rains and snow melts can result in severe home flooding. Here are vital tips to prepare your home for spring thaw and prevent water damage:


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